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Ep. 7 📣 Boldly Advocate for TRUTH with Dr. Meryl Nass

childrens health defense dr. margaret aranda dr. meryl nass sherri belmar the dr's corner Sep 07, 2022

"If You want the government to be Your Doctor please do nothing."  Dr. Meryl Nass


Today, our guest was Dr. Meryl Nass on The Dr's Corner.  You do not want to miss today's episode.  Dr. Nass is a hero, she is paying the price and is part of the movement of countless Doctors, Nurses, and Subject Matter Experts that are leading through uncertain times. 

Here is how You can be involved.   Regardless of where You live in the USA please take the time read Dr. Meryl's substack and by all means, send Your message to Governor Newsome asking him to VETO 2098.


▶︎   VETO AB 2098


It's Your chance to speak out and make Your voice heard.


Thank You for taking part in this now.

Take a picture and share it with The Dr's Corner Community.

This is Sherri filling in for Dr. Aranda!

God Bless You All!