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Top Profiles to Follow on TELEGRAM

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Most people use Telegram as a phone app alternative to text messaging. It is helpful for groups who want to keep one another posted on current events. Also useful for conversations, usually people post an article or a video, with many posts originating from Rumble or Substack. Here are our Top Pics!

Our Top Pics for Profiles You Can Follow on Telegram

  1. Dr. Margaret Aranda: https://t.me/DrMargaretAranda
  2. FLCCC: https://t.me/PierreKoryFLCCCofficial
  3. Goddek: https://t.me/goddek
  4. Kanekoa The Great: https://t.me/kanekoathegreat
  5. Chief Nerd: https://t.me/chiefnerd 
  6. Unga The Great: https://t.me/Ungathegreat 
  7. The Great Rebellion: https://t.me/robinmg 
  8. COVID 19 Up: https://t.me/COVID19Up 
  9. D Schlopes: https://t.me/Dschlopes 
  10. Red Voice Media: https://t.me/redvoicemedia
  11. Dr. Lynn Fynn: https://t.me/DrLynnFynn
  12. Steve Kirsch: https://t.me/SteveKirsch
  13. Dr. Peter McCullough: https://t.me/petermcculloughmd 
  14. Dr. Robert Malone: https://t.me/RWMaloneMD 
  15. C19 Expert Channel: https://t.me/C19ExpertChannel 
  16. World Council for Health: https://t.me/wch_org 
  17. Dr. Tess Lawrie: https://t.me/DrTessLawrie 
  18. COVID Positive News: https://t.me/covidpositivenews
  19. Real Time News: https://t.me/dailyrealtimenews 
  20. Child COVID Vaccine Injuries UK: https://t.me/childcovidvaccineinjuriesuk
  21. Jerm Warfare: https://t.me/Jermwarfare
  22. Zelenko Freedom Foundation: https://t.me/AnnVandersteelTruth = Zelenko Freedom Foundation
  23. Beverly Hills Freedom Rally: https://t.me/BHFreedomRally
  24. Real Raw News: https://t.me/realrawnews
  25. Children's Health Defense: https://t.me/childrenshd
  26. Goddeket: https://t.me/goddeketel
  27. Dr. Naomi Wolf: https://t.me/naomiwolf
  28. World for Health Chat: https://t.me/worldforhealthchat
  29. Steve Kirsch Public Chat: https://t.me/stkirschPublicChat
  30. Tuikor: https://t.me/tuikor
  31. COVID 1984 Chat: https://t.me/covid1984chat
  32. Dr. Brian Tyson: https://t.me/briantyson 
  33. Very Virology: https://t.me/veryvirologytg
  34. Stew Peters: https://t.me/stewpeters
  35. Before It's News: https://t.me/beforeitsnews
  36. The True Reporter: https://t.me/thetruereporter
  37. Tracy Beanz Official: https://t.me/tracybeanzofficial
  38. John Solomon Reports: https://t.me/jsolomonreports
  39. Laura Ingraham: https://t.me/RealLauraIngraham
  40. Alex Jones Info Wars: https://t.me/AlexJonesInfoWarsReal 
  41. Robert Kennedy: https://t.me/robertfkennedy
  42. https://t.me/john_f_kennedy_Jr_Q_17
  43. Santa Surfing: https://t.me/SantaSurfing
  44. Joel Oltmann: https://t.me/joeloltmann
  45. The Trumpist: https://t.me/TheTrumpist
  46. Dr. David Martin: https://t.me/drdavidmartin
  47. Leaky Vax: https://t.me/LeakyVax
  48. X22 Report: https://t.me/realx22report
  49. Dr. Kory Pierre: https://t.me/korypierre
  50. Dr. Mercola: https://t.me/DoctorMercola
  51. Tippy Top Patriot: https://t.me/TippyTopPatriot
  52. Patriot Street Fighter: https://t.me/patriotstreetfighter
  53. Garden of Eden 2030: https://t.me/GardenofEden2030
  54. Bird Group UK: https://t.me/birdgroupuk
  55. Voice for Science and Solidarity: https://t.me/voiceforscienceandsolidarity
  56. Dr. George Fareed: https://t.me/GeorgeFareedDr
  57. James O'Keefelll: https://t.meJamesOKeefelll 
  58. National Vaccine Information Center's Vaccine Freedom: Nhttps://t.me/NVIC_VaccineFreedom


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