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Sherri Belmar's LIVE MANIFESTO Bonus Saturday Day #6: (WHAT Does it Look Like) LEADING Takes Action

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 Be inspired and enthused with Sherri Belmar's BONUS DAY #6, featuring Host Dr. Margaret Aranda and Guest Speaker Ava Manual. This is the last day in the Series, which started on Monday, August 8th. 


SATURDAY - August 13, 2022 at 3 PM - EST | 12 NOON PST

BONUS LIVE:   Ava Manuel, PT, GCS, CLT  / Dr. Margaret Aranda 

Physical Therapist, Author, COVID-19 Recovery Expert

(WHAT Does it Look Like)  LEADING Takes Action

Ava V Manuel, PT, GCS, CLT (formerly Annaval D. Villafuerte) is a hospital physical therapist practicing in California with a specialty background in geriatrics, wound healing, and lymphedema (also known as elephantiasis or chronic swelling). 

Along with her vast array of clinical experiences in different settings, Ava Manuel has been taking patients from bed-bound to walking, to thriving in life for over 25 years. She has been treating patients in the hospital COVID-19 wards and ICU since the pandemic started. 

She credits effective patient education and empowerment as the keys to her patients’ successes.

She is the author of “Enough is Enough. You Got Covid. Now What?”, In Press and scheduled for Release on August 30, 2022.

Ava Manuel, PT is also the creator of the coaching programs COVID-19 Recovery Now and You're Not Obese. You're Swollen.

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