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This is me, making good on my promise.


Hi, I’m Sherri!

I have been a Spiritual Mentor for 30+ years, wife and mother of four grown children.


When I came down with COVID, I thought it would be a little worse than the flu.


Little did I suspect that it would advance and threaten my life.


I knew it was important to enroll in this cause because COVID has taken countless lives.


When I recovered from COVID, I soon realized that something sinister was taking place.


Doctors that shared early treatment protocols were being censored and cancelled. Their life saving instruction was being suppressed.


A great number of people have lost their lives and some permanently injured by the shots. So much needless tragedy, something must be done.


Not only did I share my story but I decided to organize a Summit where people could hear from heroic Doctors themselves. These professionals have been on the frontlines of this battle. Their information is invaluable.


Friend, I believe this is a moment where we get to write history.
On this site, You will have access to priceless information that will safeguard You and Your loved ones.

I invite you to stand for Yourself and for humanity.
Silence and indifference are unacceptable.

Our Mission

Learn from the doctors & Share life-saving information.


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The Recovery Blueprint

I share my personal survival story with COVID.

I count myself fortunate to be Alive.

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